Robert Alger


Robert Alger has worked on significant historical sites in the USA, including restoration projects at the White House (Washington, DC), the Naval Academy (Annapolis, Maryland) and the Pennsylvania State Capitol (Harrisburg, Pennsylvania).



Historical Restoration Projects

Maryland Monument - Antietam National Battlefield Antietam, Maryland (USA) 2005
St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church Washington, DC (USA) 2005
Mexican War Monument Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) 2002
Pennsylvania State Capitol - Barnard Statuary Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) 2001-02, 1996-97
St. David’s Episcopal Church Washington, DC (USA) 2001
Queen Anne Belvedere Baltimore, Maryland (USA) 2000-01
Garrett-Jacobs Mansion Baltimore, Maryland (USA) 1999
Pennsylvania State Capitol Annex Building Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (USA) 1998-99
Naval Academy - Bancroft Hall Rotunda Annapolis, Maryland (USA) 1995-96
White House Washington, DC (USA) 1988-90